Made purely from




MediDate isn’t like anything you’ve ever tasted before.
A staple libation in Mediterranean tradition, date seed coffee was known to nourish both body and mind, calming and cleansing the body, while naturally boosting energy levels.
At MediDate Coffee we are harnessing these age-old concepts and incorporating them into the modern world, where achieving optimal health and wellness has become increasingly more challenging, yet has never been more essential as a means of keeping on top of our busy lives.


High in Antioxidants

Cleanses the digestive system. Flushes the
body gently. Leaving you feeling light.

Nutritional Power

Rich in minerals.
Supports digestion, relieves constipation, boosts
heart health and weight loss.

No Caffeine Crash

the spike and subsequent ‘crash’ you may experience from drinking coffee.

Drink All Day

MediDate Coffee contains zero caffeine, and no caffeine means it can be enjoyed any time of the day!